TN's Mercury Web Services

  • Real-Time Ticket Locking & Order Creation
  • Industry-Leading Guarantee
  • 99.98% Fill Rate

TicketNetwork's Mercury Web Services is a robust and seamless real-time API-driven product that provides premium quality ticket inventory, while allowing you to own the full customer experience, market to your customers, and grow your brand.


Premium Quality Inventory

Mercury unlocks access to approximately $2.5 billion of the highest quality inventory available for 100,000s of live sports, concerts and theater events worldwide. TicketNetwork’s API-driven feed allows clients to lock and secure tickets in real time—this is extremely important in an industry with ever-changing inventory availability and pricing.

Industry-Leading Guarantee/Fill Rate

TicketNetwork offers its clients peace of mind with their industry-leading 200% guarantee. If something goes wrong with a Mercury order, TicketNetwork will guarantee the client’s transaction with the higher of 200%, or the cost of replacement tickets. Mercury has the highest fill rate in the industry—an astonishing 99.98%.

Privacy and Data Integrity

TicketNetwork never shares your data with anyone. We are committed to privacy and data integrity. Period!

Real-Time Technology

Mercury contains a unique order mechanism that secures and locks tickets, in real time, as TicketNetwork’s clients charge their customers’ credit cards and review the order for fraud. Orders are placed, automatically accepted, and confirmed, all within a matter of seconds.


The Mercury Web Services API feed supplies inventory at broker wholesale price. Clients are in full control of mark-up/mark-down, conversion rate of reward points, service fees, and shipping charges.

Brand Experience

TicketNetwork’s clients are able to own the full customer experience from start to finish, including marketing directly to their customers, charging their credit cards/reward points, and delivering tickets to them. TicketNetwork also provides free access to proprietary Maps API for clients to increase the overall customer experience. This empowers them to build their brand while leveraging the benefits of the Mercury Web Services API feed.

Client Portal

TicketNetwork’s Mercury Web Services clients are able to review and manage all transactions, invoices/bills, create airbills, submit support tickets and more, all within TicketNetwork WebAdmin Portal.

TicketNetwork Support

In the rare instance that a client needs assistance with an order, TicketNetwork’s highly trained customer service team is ready to assist and resolve any issues.

Seamless Integration

The Mercury Web Services API integration is straightforward, is well-documented, and can generally be accomplished in less than two weeks. TicketNetwork's dedicated integration team provides their clients’ engineers/developers with access to a Sandbox environment prior to going live.

Successful Client Profile

  • Interested in building a brand/identity and operating a high volume, substantial business/website.
  • Wants to own the customer experience from start to finish:
    • Customer does not leave their website or application until the completion of a transaction.
    • Customer service is provided directly by the Mercury Web Services client.
    • The ability to re-market to customers.
  • Has previous experience in e-commerce (including, but not limited to: PPC, SEO, and building websites).
  • Since Mercury Web Services is API-driven, TicketNetwork’s product also works well with loyalty programs, employee benefits programs, rewards/points-based platforms, and more.

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